Add a "near" bias option

Hello all,

I’m always having to choose whether to bias diagrams left or right, and often neither is ideal.

If there are a bunch of input entities then it’s necessary to bias right; if there are a high quantity of output entities then its necessary to bias left. But when you have both input and output entities it would be helpful to have a bias option of “near”.


I requested this earlier this year: Bias to shortest for Left-Right layouts <3

Yep. Add my vote to this one. It would be especially helpful when walking through models, explaining them with others. I wouldn’t have to scroll way over one way or the other to get to the next item in a flow or other logic model.

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Any opportunity for traction here Developers? I don’t understand why more people aren’t asking for this feature, it would save me a ton of effort!

This is something we’d definitely like too and we’re looking into it.