Annotation visibility time limit

It seems that the visibility of a bulleted annotation for an entity has a time limit. (At least in WIndows). This time limit is too short (IMHO) when the annotation text is longer. Even some annotations in the Example Diagrams are so long that the time limit is not enough. I know you can read the content of the annotation in the Inspector section but it’s a bit crammed and you need to scroll. It would be nice to be able the read it in its entirety when hoovering over the entity. It would be nice to have no time limit at all - the user can move the mouse arrow and it will close. I wonder if this issue can be corrected.


I ran into this issue tonight as well. It would be nice if the annotation pop-up stayed up indefinitely while the mouse is hovering over the annotation bullet in the entity.

Please add my vote to this one. I was actually going to add it as a feature request but, thankfully, found it before cluttering up the board more than I already have. :slight_smile: