Brainstorming Template

A template posted to our old forum by janwybe:

And then of course it can also happen, especially in groups, that there may be no clarity or consensus on whether one is talking about a transition tree, a prerequisite tree, or a current reality tree. Some may think that a particular course of action is a piece of cake, whereas others will mostly see the obstacles, and yet others will see some Un-Desirable Effects (as well as their causes) that had not been addressed by the proponent of the idea.

Who knows whether the attached template might be useful for quickly jotting down what comes to mind?

Warm regards,

Jan Wybe.

template - brainstorming (JWO draft 111205).xlogict (49.0 KB)

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Hi, link to file not working?

Should be working now. Use the downloaded file with Flying Logic 3.0.17 or later.