Cmd+= / Cmd+- for zooming in/out

Please add the standard shortcut keys for zooming in/out:
Cmd + = and Cmd + - on Mac
Ctrl + = and Ctrl + - on Windows

I know I can use Option/Alt + Scroll Wheel for zooming, which is already better than the slider control at the left bottom. But it’s still not as good as keyboard shortcut keys in my workflow.

Thanks :pray:

Currently you can also use < and > to zoom:

Thanks, Wolf. That helps.

However, the zoom steps are pretty large, so this is almost unusable to me. Could you make them a little smaller?

You can also use the Option (Alt) key in combination with your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out in finer increments.

TIP: Flying Logic tries to keep whatever you currently have selected visible as you zoom in!