Collaborative editing

Me and my team use Flying Logic a lot. We use a few, fully paid licenses and we believe there’s no better tool to focus on “what” instead of “how to draw it”.
As a Geo-dispersed team we miss only one thing: an option to collaboratively plan.
Nowadays lack of an interactive, multi-participant drawing is a major blocker for many teams.
If you could implement that, I truly believe you could dominate the market not only of Logical thinking tools, but drawing tools in general.
And that’s what I wish to FL team :slight_smile:

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This is definitely on our roadmap! As I’m sure you’re aware, collaborative features are not simply something you can “bolt on,” they have to be designed in from scratch. As such, we’re working on a reimagining of Flying Logic that will eventually have what you want. Unfortunately such major changes are not right around the corner, but they will happen.