Does Flying Logic support Druids (How can I do that?)

Hi. Flying Logic is GREAT! Thanks for creating it and making it available.

I am in the middle of a “Black Belt in Thinking” course ( where they introduce a tool called the Druid. I’ll try pasting an example below. I can use Flying Logic to capture the logic using effects based planning objects, but I do not know how to stick the two “Goal Violations” at the top. The idea behind the Druid is when you have two different approaches that each lead to problems at which point you become motivated to use the other approach. You can go back and forth on this forever. We’ve all seen them in our lives. Is there a mechanism in FL that will allow me to pin the two goal violations at the top? (I assume that if I can do this, the assumptions and injections will plug in normally.)

Scott Daggett

I think I found an acceptable way to handle the Druid. I created a simple domain called Druids and classes as shown in the FL diagram below. I used a “Polarizing Behaviors” class to identify the fact that a decision about which behavior to choose is made. The goal violations point back to that instead of the opposing behaviors, and that keeps the model fairly intact. I find this acceptable, although it is not exactly like the Wisetech Academy Druid model. The example below shows assumptions, so you get the full model intent here.


This is a really great example. Thank you for sharing the diagram.