Episode 7 - Critical Thinking and the Veil of Magical Illusion

In which Wolf pulls back the magician’s curtain, and discovers the world.

Released April 23, 2021

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Hey there Wolf, I’m interested in hearing more about your ten epiphanies.

I know I had one in particular that actually had to do with Flying Logic. I was using it to make a personal Strategy & Tactics tree for my personal life, and for the first revision as I really started drilling down, I was getting more and more discouraged. It made me realize that a lot of my goals (and therefore happiness) at the time were outcomes that depended on other people and were inherently out of my control, like “make enough money from releasing music to fund one new album per year” - I was able to identify tasks that were necessary, but not sufficient, because ultimately it wasn’t about me. It actually caused some grief to let go of those sorts of goals and was a major realignment. Future revisions of my “Tree” are more about things that I can influence or control. I suppose it is ultimately a cliche, since then I’ve heard a lot of people (especially sports athletes) talking about only worrying about the things they can control, kind of a stoic mindset, but I didn’t really feel it in my bones until going through that realization process myself.


Thanks for joining the forum, and welcome!

I’m sure I will talk about some of my epiphanies in upcoming episodes of the podcast. I doubt I’ll just list them all in one place because I think that for the ones I will talk about, they’ll make more sense in the context of a story flow. And a few of them, while important to me personally, might end up being too personal or just irrelevant to talk about.

I think it’s awesome that Flying Logic helped facilitate your own personal epiphany! I’ve known for a long time that there’s what we can control, then what we can influence, and then outside of those are the things we care about but can neither control nor meaningfully influence. In those cases, it’s best to save all that emotional energy and refocus on what we can actually do something about. Therein lies the daily practice. :blush:

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