Evaporating Cloud Template

A template posted to our old forum by janwybe:


Since the Evaporating Cloud has always the same form, I searched for a general Evaporating Cloud template, but could not find one in the examples that come with Flying Logic; neither could I find it elsewhere. Therefore I decided to have a go at making an Evaporating Cloud template myself, which I would hereby like to offer to those toc experts who might be willing to evaluate the template, apply the Categories of Legitimate Reservation, and share their feedback.

Warm regards,

Jan Wybe.

evaporating cloud template proposal JWO 111113.xlogict (20.2 KB)

Could you please check the link, I am getting a “Page doesn’t exist or it’s private”, thanks!

The download link should work now, and be openable with Flying Logic 3.0.17 or later.