Expanded ability of creating "New Entities from Clipboard" to include copy and paste cells (rows + columns) from Excel

One of my favorite features in FL is the ability to add multiple entities from a new line in the Clipboard. I use Excel a ton and would like to marry these two apps.

Suggest to expanding the ability to add new entities via the clipboard with excel.

Use case
Starting Point
My excel table has a Name column and a Text column. Select multiple rows and each row in the name column becomes a new entity in FL AND the row values in the Text column get added to the annotation field. For example: Text1 + Annotation1, Text2 + Annotation2

Other columns could create new User Attributes and auto populate. For example
a table with 4 rows: Name, Text, Label3, Label4 with 4 rows would add 4 notes to FL with
Name=Name, Text=Annotation, Lable3=Label3, Label4=Label4

The idea is to analyze in Excel but apply logic in FL very quickly,

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