Flying Logic Filename Extensions in 3.0.17

We just released Flying Logic 3.0.17, which fixes several bugs. One of the bugs was not in Flying Logic itself, but in Discourse, the forum software on which you’re reading this!

In our Examples and Templates section, we encourage users to post Flying Logic documents. The regular Flying Logic document type, .xlogic, works fine as an attachment to a Discourse topic. However the Flying Logic template document, .xlogic-t and Flying Logic domain document, .xlogic-d can be attached but not downloaded again. We determined that this is 1) due to our use of hyphens in our filename extensions, which is rare but not invalid, and 2) Discourse is not likely to fix this bug anytime soon.

We want everyone to have a completely safe experience using Flying Logic. For this reason, Flying Logic documents are in transparent, document XML format, and we do not support the uploading of archived file types like .zip as attachments to our forum. So to fix this issue, Flying Logic 3.0.17 now saves and opens template and domain documents without the hyphen in the extension: .xlogict and .xlogicd.

Flying Logic will still recognize and open the files with the older filename extensions. But new templates and domain documents will now be saved with the non-hyphenated filename extensions.

All the example templates in this section have been updated to use the .xlogict extension.

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