How to do a Because conjunction in an argument map?

If a single Because statement isn’t sufficient to support the position, but two separate reasons are suffiicent, how do you AND two separate Because statements?

Or do we approach it differently?

It depends on how you’re modeling your argument. In the basic “sufficient cause” way of modeling,


means “A is sufficient to cause B”. But if you read the diagram from right to left, you read the arrow differently: “B because A.”



would be read from right-to-left as “B because A and C.” But if you’d prefer to read it from left to right, just change the orientation to Right to Left in the Layout inspector:


You would still read this the same way: “B because A and C.” But now you’re reading from left to right.

Thanks, but my question is, how do you do it?

The orientation is Up and Down, like your Drive to Mountains sample.

Anyway, I just figured it out. I was clicking on the ELEMENT, then right-clicking. There’s no AND there.

I needed to click on the LINK, then right-click, then select Insert Junctor, then select the AND.

All set, thanks.

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You can also drag an arrow to the link to create the junctor, which might be a little quicker.
See Wolf’s video at about 298 seconds:

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Ah, I wasn’t clear you were asking about the UI mechanics of adding junctors; I thought you were asking about the higher-level modeling concepts.