More flexible hyperlink support

I use Devonthink, which supports links to individual documents like this:


Flying Logic doesn’t recognize that. Is there a way to register additional URL classes?

I thought about a Python solution, since I’m a native Python speaker.

The quick solution was Keyboard Maestro. For laziness’ sake, I assumed a URL would be on a line by itself. That let the macro consist of command-left arrow, shift-command-right arrow, copy to named clipboard, openurl from named clipboard.


I second this request and have submitted. I ran into the same symptom and got curious about whether I was remembering correctly that some other apps (e.g. Freeplane) handled hyperlinks to other apps more directly.

So, I tested it with Freeplane and whether it would open an OmniFocus task link correctly. First, I copied the OmniFocus link. When I opened the Freeplane link function, it auto populated the OmniFocus link in Freeplane’s link feature. When I tested the link in FreePlane, it opened the OmniFocus task directly just as I hoped. So, I emailed in asking if Flying Logic’s hyperlinking functionality can be expanded to allow this more direct linking. Similar, I think, to what you’re asking for above.

Carl, I appreciate your description of wanting more robust linking flexibility in Flying Logic. I do as well. I, too, use Devonthink and other apps. I’d to be able to use Flying Logic as a “front-end” decision tool connected to more detailed notes which are linked to specific Flying Logic nodes. Like your request above, I’d like to open the link in Flying Logic and go directly to the detailed note, regardless of the app. For example, If I stored my notes in Obsidian, Obsidian (like Devonthink) allows me to create links to specific Obsidian files. In Flying Logic, though, if I enter a unique Obsidian URL in the text field and save it (the only way that seems to make the link work), all it will do is open Obsidian, not open the specific unique document I actually linked in Flying Logic. I’m curious. Were you able, using Keyboard Maestro, to create a workflow that achieves what I’m describing? Thank you for your thoughts.