Mouse wheel zoom, pretty please

Hello, I am a fairly new user (been only using FL for about two years). However I have been thrilled with the functionality in every way, except one tiny exception that would actually make the user experience and, when I am running workshops, the viewer experience much more delightful and intuitive.

Could you please write a feature that would allow users to hold the Ctrl key + zoom in and out via clockwise/anti-clockwise scrolling of the mousewheel?

This one thing would make the work flow so much faster and the ability for folks to more readily create and navigate larger networks…which at Boeing is almost always necessary.

If this feature has already been enabled and I just missed where it was spelled out in the user guide, my apologies…please just let me know and I will try to find it again.





Great news! You can zoom with your scroll wheel by holding down Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows).




Sadly, all the Windows conventions seem to be ignored in FL. :frowning: All other apps use CTRL-wheel for this.