Risk management/analysis

An example posted to our old forum by Robert Lamb:

I have been applying Flying Logic to my favorite Risk Management book. If you have a different approach or variation I’d like to hear about it.

The book: Proactive Risk Management by Preston G. Smith and Guy M. Merritt Productivity Press © 2002

There are two groups in the attached file:
Risk Management Process - Book Summary

This is just my outline of the basic process and some to the techniques—recommended by the book—that could be used during the process.

Running example from the book . . .

This is my version of the book example in Flying Logic. It does not match the books visual model, but I believe it does capture all intended elements of the process.

The “impact probability” X “Risk probability” is easy to simulate. (But not really necessary since these values and the Total Loss can easily be analyzed on a spreadsheet).

I look forward to learning other approaches to this subject.

Risk Analysis.xlogic (113.1 KB)