Support MacOS Ventura

Hi. I know you don’t support beta versions of OSes. But I thought it’s better you are aware of a potential incompatibility between FL and the newest beta 2 of MacOS Ventura.
The issues are:

  • When opening FL, the new document that is automatically created is not visible.
  • When clicking on the FL icon in the Dock and selecting “Show All Windows”, the view is switched to what is supposedly the new document. Its borders are visible, but the content is hidden.
  • Clicking on any menu item, say File to reveal its sub-items doesn’t show the available items.
  • Interesting, though, that older versions work well :slight_smile:

Hassan, thank you for the notes. If you discover anything else, you can let us know via

Thanks, Luna,
BTW, it would be a good idea to provide a link to download the FL installer for registered customers. Currently, if customers need to re-install FL and don’t have the installer, they have to provide their details again, which is cumbersome. I think a link to the latest build will do!


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My problem is solved! What I did are:

  • I simultaneously held the option and shift keys and clicked the FL icon.
  • Viola! A window appeared that told me my app was not registered.
  • I re-entered my credentials, and everything seems to work again.
  • I am now using the newest beta 3 of Ventura (released yesterday).

So, it is not true there is an incompatibility between MacOS Ventura and FL.



Thank you so much for reporting back in! That doesn’t seem to be the correct behavior even for Reader (not-registered) mode, however, so it’s still a good idea that engineering takes a look at it.