Transition Tree on How To Make a Transition Tree

An example posted to our old forum by janwybe:


While studying the chapter on the Transition Tree in Lisa Scheinkopf´s wonderful book “Thinking for a Change” (1999; p.83-108), I decided to use Flying Logic to take note of her instructions. So I ended up making a transition tree on how to make a transition tree - according to the instructions Lisa Scheinfkopf gave in 1999. (One day perhaps I´ll do the same exercise with the update she made in the 2010 TOC Handbook, just to practice, but for the moment I am happy with the 1999 instructions.)

With the kind permission of Lisa Scheinkopf I would like to share this diagram with the other users of this forum. Perhaps it may serve as a summary of the chapter mentioned above - or even as a transition tree on how to make a transition tree… :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course all TOC experts are cordially invited to apply the Categories of Legitimate Reservation.

Warm regards,

Jan Wybe.

JWO 111205 taking notes from Scheinkopf (1999 p 87-98) Transition Tree.xlogic (116.9 KB)