Transition Tree Template

A template posted to our old forum by janwybe:


When I want to build something like for example a prerequisite tree, a transition tree, a future reality tree, or a current reality tree, usually there will already be a sketchy initial structure in my mind before I start drawing the corresponding diagram. For example, there will be an idea, that can be expressed as a goal or an action, as well as one or two actions that can help get closer to that goal, or on the contrary some obstacles that threaten to make reaching the goal difficult. Some advantages (Desirable Effects) or disadvantages (Un-Desirable Effects) may already be right there in the foreground of my mind.

Given that the thinking process application tools (beautifully described in Lisa Scheinkopf´s 1999 book “Thinking for a Change”, as well as in Robert McNally´s 2007 book “Thinking with Flying Logic”) all have their own basic initial structure; and given that I find it easier to delete superfluous entities rather than make the beginnings of each tree all over again from scratch, I have started to experiment with templates. First of course I would search for existing templates within the program Flying Logic itself, but the examples in the examples folder are all examples of concrete trees that had already been filled in with a specific situation, whereas I was looking for completely empty templates.

Therefore I have started making simple templates myself. Elsewhere ( I have already submitted a template for an evaporating cloud; attached is a transition tree template that I would like to share with the other members of this forum. For those interested in using it, the easiest way would seem to be to have the attached file placed somewhere within reach and then simply doubleclick it, rather than starting up FL and then looking for the template. Hopefully others will find it handy as well.

Warm regards,

Jan Wybe.

template - transition tree (JWO draft 111205).xlogict (39.3 KB)

Hi, file link not working?

Should work now. Use the file with Flying Logic 3.0.17 or later.