Web Site Design: Content Presentation Conflict Resolution Cloud

An example posted to our old forum by JPKeslensky:

I just recently started using Flying Logic and I am moving along the learning curve of the software. This example is a conflict resolution cloud focused on the classical problem faced by anyone who is designing a web site that is aimed at presenting significant informational content and wanting to successfully influence viewers to take action after they read the content. Most site designers are acutely aware of the well know issue of online viewer’s normally having very short spans of attention.

The attached document has the underlying assumptions visible as well as the solution injections added. I took the liberty to add some titling labels to the PDF output document using Adobe Illustrator. I am very pleased, so far, with the ease of usage of Flying Logic for application of the TOC Thinking Tools. I have actively been applying TOC for 13 years and it’s really nice to find an excellent substitute for Post-it Notes and Visio diagrams.

I hope that this example will be useful to the community.

Web Site Content Delivery Cloud r1.pdf (224.1 KB)